Dehydration Symptoms

10 Symptoms Explaining You are Not Drinking Enough Water

Water is very important for us to survive as it is the water that can help functioning our body properly. Drinking water would not only keep you hydrated, but it can also adjust the body temperature and help in digestion as well. Water assists in removing toxins from the body and keeps us healthy. Water is a vital element for our body, but even after knowing this, people drink less water than required. Drinking less water would not only result in poor hydration but would also trigger many health problems. Here are 10 dehydration symptoms that would help you comprehend what happens when you don’t drink enough water.

10 Dehydration Symptoms are:


  1. Dry Mouth: Dry mouth is one of the symptoms that you can experience if you don’t drink enough water. Drinking water would lubricate the saliva in the mouth and it would also keep your mouth moist.
  2. Dry Skin: Skin is a sense organ and to keep it healthy you need to keep your body hydrated. In fact, if you stay dehydrated, you can experience dry skin and it is the earliest sign of not drinking enough water. Drinking less water would result in less sweat and the inability to remove the excessive waste, dirt, and toxins from the body. So, if you want to get rid of dry skin, drink more water regularly.
  3. Dry Eyes: Drinking less water would lead to dry or bloodshot eyes. If your body experiences insufficient water. You can see your eyelid become dry and even your tear duct dries up. Moreover, insufficient hydration can also cause great damage to your eyes, so it is suggested that you should drink sufficient water, which will help you get rid of dry eyes.
  4. Less Urinating: An average person urinates 5 to 6 times a day and the number might vary from person to person as some drinks more water and some less. Those who drink less water would urinate only 2 to 3 times and this may cause difficulties for your kidneys to purify the impurities from your body efficiently. So, drink enough water per day, so that your body functions properly.
  5. Joint Pain: Do you know cartilage and spinal discs are made up of 80% water? Yes, it is true and thus it becomes an absolute necessity for everyone to drink water. This would keep your bones strong and helps against grinding against each other. Keeping your body hydrated would ensure you stay away from joint pain as well.
  6. Constipation: Staying hydrated would help lubricate your digestive system. During the procedure of digestion, water is used by the intestines and it soaks up water from food waste and this would make the stool hard making it difficult to pass.
  7. Bad Breathe: If you drink less water you can experience bad breath and it is all due to the bacteria that is present in your mouth. You can eradicate this bad breath by drinking a lot of water. Drinking water would flush out the dead cells that are present in your mouth and this would help eliminate that source of bad taste.
  8. Fatigue & Lethargy: If you stay dehydrated, your body starts borrowing water from the blood. Lack of hydrated bloodstream can lead to a lack of oxygen in the body and this can result in drowsiness and fatigue.
  9. Headache: When you physically work hard like you walk up and down the stairs or bend down to pick heavy loads, you feel exhausted (you sweat a lot) and this may sometimes cause a headache. It is caused due to dehydration. As vehicles require fuel to run, same is the case with your body, which requires water to function. In this case, you should drink a lot of water and keep your body hydrated.
  10. Premature Aging: Premature aging can be visible from outside, but the actual damage causes inside. The main reason for premature aging is due to the loss of minerals from the body. Water has all the essential minerals in it and if you stay hydrated, you can avoid the signs of aging.

So, do you know that just by drinking water regularly, you can avoid all the mentioned symptoms that you have studied above? But you need to ensure that you always drink pure water. To drink filtered water, you need to have a water filter/water purifiers at home. There are many brands of a water purifier that you can find in the market and you can pick the best one according to your preference. Before you purchase any water purifier, check 5 important things to ensure that you choose the best model for your home.

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