A.O. Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier Review

A.O. Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier Review

Water is regarded as a life-sustaining fluid that is essential to health, so, you should drink pure and clean water. But, if you’re drinking straight out of the tap, you would definitely undermine your health as the raw water might contain chlorine, fluorine compounds, pesticides and even traces of other chemicals in it. Tap water or the supplied water is dirtier than it looks, so how to turn your raw water into a healthy fluid. Well, it is only possible by using a water purifier that holds the capability to remove all the impurities and make it safe to drink. There are many water purifiers on the market that you can pick for your home, but today, we’ll study about A.O. Smith Z1 UV water purifier.

Know about A.O Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier

UV is one of the proven disinfection technologies that is used in water purification to deliver microbiologically safe water. Its ultimate mechanism is to deactivate the micro-organisms that are present in the water. A.O Smith Z1 is one such UV water purifier that has a germicidal lamp. This high power lamp has the capacity to change the nucleic acid (DNA) of viruses, bacteria, and cysts, ensuring they cannot reproduce anymore. Added with UV purification technology, A.O Smith produces germ-free potable water for drinking.

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Working Mechanism of A.O Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier

The A.O. Smith water purifier has been 5 stages of purification system, wherein the supplied water is passed through different filtration stages to get purified water.

Features of A.O. Smith Z1
Features of A.O. Smith Z1
  • First Stage: Pre-filter: In this water purifier, the first stage comes with Pre-filter that is used to remove physical contaminants like dirt, dust, soil particles and other impurities present in the water.
  • Second Stage – Sediment filter: The second stage of purification that A.O Smith Z1 uses is the sediment filter that is used to remove fine and coarse physical contaminants that are present in the water.
  • Third Stage – Silver Activated Post Carbon: In the 3rd stage, water is passed through Silver Activated Post Carbon that acts as a polisher and removes bad odor from water. This filter can enhance the taste of water.
  • Fourth Stage – UV Lamp: The fourth stage is added with high power UV lamp, where the water is passed through UV housing and the UV rays deactivates the micro-organisms from the water. The UV lamp eliminates all the water illness-causing microorganisms like bacteria, virus, cyst and makes it healthy for consumption.
  • Fifth Stage – UFSS filter: This is the final stage of filtration in AO Smith Water Purifier, where the water is passed through Ultra fine SS filter. The filter eradicates all the particulate and the scale matter that developed during the heating cycle.

The supplied water after passing through these filtrations stages becomes 100% pure and safe for consumption. The

Some Features of A.O Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier

  • Hot Water with night Assist: Yes
  • UV Life Alert: Yes
  • Digital Display: Yes
  • Purified Storage Tank:2 Ltrs.
  • Hot Water Storage Tank:8 Ltrs
  • 5 Stage Purifying Technology: Pre-filter + Sediment filter + Silver Activated Post Carbon + UV + UFSS filter (For Hot water only)
  • Body Material: Food Grade. Non-Toxic material
  • UV Lamp Power: 11 Watt
  • Power Rating: 36 watts


Drinking filter water is a must for all if you want to stay healthy. So, bring home a water purifier to consume 100% pure water. I would ask you to opt for A.O Smith Z1 because the model has 5 stages of filtration with Hot water dispensing system. The product is loved by all and it has positive customer review as well. The only issue that people has mentioned is about its weight with is 11.70 kgs making it heavier enough to hold in the wall. The price also seems to be high if you only choose for UV filtrations, because there are other purifiers like Kent Maxx UV water purifier, which is priced almost 30% less than A.O Smith. Check the price of A.O Smith Z1 on Amazon

2 thoughts on “A.O. Smith Z1 UV Water Purifier Review

  1. Thank you for the detail information. Please suggest what is the cost of maintenance. Is it average or higher compare to other purifiers..

  2. Hi Pankaj,

    Thanks for visiting my post.

    Electrical and Functional Parts of A.O. Smith Z1 comes with 1-year warranty. However, maintenance cost would depend on the price of the parts and other conditions. To get the exact maintenance cost, you can contact their customer care service or visit A.O. Smith official website.

    As per my knowledge, it is bit expensive compared to other top brands like KENT and Aquaguard.

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