Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva RO water Purifier Review

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva RO water Purifier Review

Just because water is everywhere, many of us take it for granted and are polluting it so badly. However, the availability of water doesn’t mean that it will be pure for consumption. Water pollution is one of the dangerous problems in India that results in many hazardous effects on the living being. We all are very much aware of the harmful consequences of drinking polluted water. Drinking pure water is the utmost need of every human being to stay healthy. Water purifiers have become an essential appliance in every home to meet the demand of pure water. Since it is hard to choose the best water purification system for home, fortunately, we have some good brands like Kent, Aquaguard, and Pureit in the market. In this article, we will discuss about Aquaguard Reviva RO review, a well-known water purifier from the house of Eureka Forbes.

Specification of Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Reviva RO UV

Aquaguard Reviva is a simple looking RO water purifier that comes with storage capacity of 8 litres. It uses purification of RO and UV to give pure and clean water. Its RO purification process can easily remove all the germs and virus that are present in drinking water. Here are some of the features of Aquaguard Reviva RO water purifier.

Aquaguard Reviva RO UV water Purifier review and price
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Purification Process

Aquaguard Reviva comes with the purification of RO+UV with TDS regulator that helps in adjusting the TDS level of the water and gives purified water. This water purifier is suitable for water containing higher TDS level.

Water Level Sensor

This water purifier comes with an automatic water level sensor that automatically detects the level of the water and stops the purification. This ensures that there will be no overflow of water inside the machine.

Large Storage Capacity

Aquaguard Reviva RO has a storage capacity of 8 litres so that you will not wait for a glass of drinking water in the absence of electricity.

Suitable for Every Type of Water

You don’t need to worry about the source of the water coming to your home, as this water purifier is suitable to filter water coming from any sources such as bore-well, overhead tanks, municipal supply etc.

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Aquaguard Reviva RO Water Purifier Review

Aquaguard Reviva comes with different filters to provide pure water and also maintains the taste of the water with its TDS regulator. People appreciate this product for its simple looks and purification capacity. Many people also complain about the poor after sales service from the company. This water purifier has good storage capacity which will allow having a continuous supply of pure drinking water every time.

When talking about water purification it purifies the water and makes it fit for drinking purpose. But it does not come with Ultrafiltration technology which other competitors are providing within the same price. UF technology is very much capable of washing away all the deadly micro-organisms from the drinking water that cause numerous harmful water borne diseases.

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Aquaguard Reviva RO water purifier is a simple looking water purifier which is suitable for high TDS level of water. With its RO-UV water purification technology, it comes with one year warranty. Overall it is suitable for small families. This water purifier is also very easy to install and use. Its price is comparatively higher than the other water purifiers having more features to provide enhanced quality of pure water. So, bring your best water purification to your home for pure mineral riched drinking water.

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