Aquaguard Superb UV+UF Water Purifier Review

Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb UV+UF Water Purifier Review

Our body consists of 70% of water and to live healthy, clean accessible water is very essential. Though there is only 2.5% of fresh water available for consumption, and that is sufficient on the planet to meet all our needs. But, it is all due to the bad economics and the poor infrastructure that millions of people die from waterborne diseases because of the consumption of impure water. Poor water quality not only impacts the food security but the livelihood choices as well. So, why to take health risk when you can get the water purified before drinking using a water purifier. Though there are different brands of water purifier available in the market, we would study about Eureka Forbes Aquaguard Superb.

Read the detailed Aquaguard Superb review to understand the model.

Aquaguard Superb UV+UF Water Purifier

To ensure that you drink 100% safe and clean water, Eureka Forbes has introduced Aquaguard Superb. The purifier uses UV and UF filtration process to filter out all the impurities from the supplied water. Besides this, the model also has an aesthetically appealing design that would make the model excellent in appearance. You can place it on your kitchen counter or even mount it on the wall without any hassles. It has different features and these are mentioned below:

Aquaguard Superb UV+UF Water Purifier Features

Mineral GuardTM

The water purifier comes added with Mineral GuardTM technology. This can help in retaining all the essential minerals like calcium and magnesium, giving you to drink healthy water.

UV Technology

Aquaguard Superb water purifier comes with innovative UV technology that internally works wonders in making your water as safe and pure as the water boiled for over 20 minutes. The e-boiling technique kills bacteria and viruses, ensuring you get safe drinking water.

LED Indicators

The LED display added in this water purifier acts as a smart indicator that can help you in hassle-free operations. It is the LED indicator that can help you identify different modes namely Power On/Off, Purification Process, Service and Filters replacement.

Silver Surety

It also comes with silver impregnated carbon cartridge that helps removes all the residual organic impurities and revive the original taste of water.

6.5 Litres Storage Capacity

Aquaguard Superb UV+UF water purifier comes with 6.5 liters water storage capacity that would let you get instant access to purified drinking water whenever you want to.

Flexible Installation

The water purifier comes with flexible installation features and this means that it can be easily installed as wall mounted and can also be placed on the counter according to the taste and preferences.

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Some Technical Specifications

  • Water Flow Rate: 15 Liters/Hour
  • Life of UV Lamp: 5000 burning hours
  • UV Lamp: 11 watts
  • Power Consumption: 20 watts
  • Storage Capacity: 6.5 Liters
  • Installation Type: Table Top and Wall Mounting
  • Biotron Cartridges Added: Yes

The Bottom Line

Drinking safe water is very much needed for a healthy life and installing right water purifier can assist you in this. Aquaguard Superb UV+UF water purifier is no doubt a good water purifier that can be installed at home, but the price seems to be a bit high and that is Rs. 13,999. With just UV and UF purification technology, there are many other brands of water purifier like KENT, HUL and etc. that offers the same purification technology and the price is also quite less compared to Aquaguard Superb.

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