Buyers Guide for UV water purifiers In India

Buyers Guide for UV water purifiers In India

Mostly people have that misconception that only RO water purifier is best for purifying the water. Though RO water purification is the most advanced water purification technology in the market. But this is not necessary that we should only purchase RO water purifier for a home to get pure drinking water. The selection of water purifiers is based on the quality of the water. If the quality of the water supply is not very poor and low in TDS then it is not mandatory that you should purchase RO water purifier. UV water purifiers are the best water purifier which you can use if the water supply is in low in TDS.

RO purification is used for purifying the water that is high in TDS which means the water contains heavy metals, dissolved salts, and chemicals. But when the water is not high in TDS then why use RO water purifier. You can simply install an UV water purifier in such situation. The UV water purifiers are even lower in price than RO purifier. However selecting the suitable UV water purifiers is quite difficult if you are not familiar with the technology used in it and other filters that is used in an UV water purifier.

UV water purifier Buyers Guide

UV water purifier is mainly used to kill the bacteria, germs, and other harmful microorganisms in the drinking water that can bring deadly water-borne diseases. In UV water purifiers, an UV lamp is used to kill all the microbes in the drinking water and make your water bacteria free. As I always say to select the suitable water purifier you must get your water tested first. To choose the best UV water purifier for home you must keep the below-mentioned thing in mind while buying:

Power of the UV lamp

Since UV lamp is the heart of the UV water purifier make sure it will be of high power. Because if the UV lamp is of high intensity then it can easily kill all the deadliest microbes present in the drinking water. So make sure the UV lamp used in purifier is of high intensity. 11 Watt UV lamp will be suitable for killing the microorganism.

UV water purifier must have pre-filters

UV purification cannot be done for turbid water which is murky or contains sediments. If the water is turbid then the UV light will not be able to reach the microorganisms as the rays will be blocked by the other particles in the water. Sediment filters and activated carbon filters are used in UV water purifiers to remove turbidity of the water. Chlorine and other bad taste causing agents are also removed by these filters. Some water purifier also uses UF filters for filtration of water.

Storage Capacity

When purchasing any water purifier it is imperative that you look for storage capacity. Mostly UV water purifier does not come with storage capacity but there is few good UV water purifier in India that comes with storage capacity.

Other things to keep in mind while buying an UV water purifier includes, purification capacity that will help you how fast a water purifier can purify the water, Max. Duty cycle, ease of operations and certifications.

Best UV water purifier in India

Here are some of the best UV water purifier in India:

kent Maxx - best UV water purifier
Kent Maxx UV water purifier

Kent Maxx UV water purifier is the best UV water purifier in India that comes with an attractive transparent detachable tank which provides easy cleaning of water purifier without any help of a technician. This water purifier is best suited for low TDS of water. Kent Maxx can store up to 7 liters of water which is a high storage capacity in this category.  This amazing water purifier is decked with advanced features such as auto ON and auto Off features.  Its high powered 11 watt UV lamp is highly effective in killing all the deadliest microorganisms.

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For pre-filtration, it comes with sediment filters and activated carbon that remove all other impurities in water. Kent Maxx uses the double purification of UV and UF which remove all the germs, bacteria, and cyst thus provide 100% safe drinking water. The cost of Kent Maxx UV water purifier is Rs. 9,500/- and comes with 1-year warranty.

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HUL Pureit Marvella UV water purifier

Pureit Marvella - UV water Purifier for home

Pureit Marvella is an UV water purifier with a good design and can store up to 4 litres of water. Usually, UV water purifiers come with the storage capacity up to 7-8 litres only. Like any other Pureit water purifier Pureit Marvella also comes with germ kill kit and the machine and were you 15 days before it expires. It uses 11 Watt UV lamp to remove the harmful microorganisms. Pureit Marvella comes with an auto shut-off features but does not comes with auto on functions. Its body material is of ABS plastic.

The price of Pureit Marvella UV water purifier is Rs. 9,499/- and comes with 1 year warranty its germ kill kit needs to be replaced after every 2-3 months.

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Aquaguard Crystal plus UV water purifier

Aquaguard Crystal Plus UV water purifier

Aquaguard Crystal plus UV water purifier is a nice product from Eureka Forbes to kill germs and bacteria of water to give pure drinking water. It comes with an auto shut-off functions. The only issue with this water purifier is, it does not come with storage capacity, which can be problematic at the time of power cut. Aquaguard Crystal has inbuilt E-boiling technology that makes the drinking water as pure as it was being boiled for 20 minutes. The cost of Aquaguard Crystal plus is Rs. 8,999/- and also comes with one year warranty. Aquaguard Crystal Plus uses the UV lamp of 8 Watt which is lower than Kent Maxx and Pureit Marvella UV.

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UV water purifiers are best option to go for when you water is low in TDS and these water purifiers are very easy to use. Hope this UV Water Purifier Buyers Guide will help you to finish your search for the ideal water purifier of your house.

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