Comparison Between Kent Pearl, Pureit Ultima and Aquaguard Magna

Comparison Between Kent Pearl, Pureit Ultima And Aquaguard Magna

Water is regarded as the foundation of life and drinking filtered water can keep you hydrated. It can also prevent the formation of a number of diseases and ensure that your body stays in good condition. Consumption of safe drinking water is the major concern for everyone, but, one of the most serious issues of mankind is the poor water supply. So, how to overcome this issue and that is by using water purifier, which is vital to ensuring the well-being of the family. But selecting a water purifier takes a lot of attention because purchasing a water purifier is not that easy. As it decides the health and wellbeing of your family you should always choose the best water purifier for home.

People often get confused while selecting the suitable water purifier for the family as there are many brands available in the market. Every brand has its own particular technology to meet the growing demand for pure water. It is very important to have sufficient knowledge before choosing any water purifier. One of the highly recommended steps in selection water purifier is by making a comparison between the best water purifiers of the different brands available nowadays.

To make it simple for you, we have shown a comparison between water purifier from the leading brands in India. We have compared the RO water purifiers from the house of KENT, Aquaguard & Pureit so that you can pick one according to your choice.

Kent Pearl Vs Pureit Ultima Vs Aquaguard Magna: Water Purifiers Comparison

Kent Pearl, Pureit Ultima, And Aquaguard Magna are one of the best-selling water purifiers of their respective manufacturer. Here is the comparison table for features, specification, price, ratings of these top 3 RO UV water purifiers from KENT, Aquagaurd, and Pureit.

Comparison between water purifiers - Aquagaurd magna vs Kent Pearl vs Pureit Ultima
Comparison between RO water purifiers – Aquagaurd magna vs Kent Pearl vs Pureit Ultima

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KENT Pearl Review

A tabletop RO water purifier that has been designed with KENT’s patented Mineral ROTM Technology. The water purifier comes with double purification technology of RO+UV/UF with an inbuilt TDS controller. It purifies the raw water up to 20 liters per hours and it has 8 liters of water storing capacity. It also comes with 11 watts of UV lamp that can kill all the harmful pathogens present in the water.  KENT Pearl has Save Water Technology that employs computer-controlled process ensuring the recovery of more than 50% water as purified water. It best suits for Indian homes and offices and it is suitable for purifying brackish/tap water/municipal corporation water supply.

Pureit Ultima Review

Pureit Ultima is a water purifier that comes with advanced RO + UV technology that purifies your drinking water and makes it fit for consumption. It comes with an electronic panel that can digitally display the quality of water and even the life of Germkill Kit™. Owing to its advanced technology the purifier can sense water quality up to 5000 times a second. It can also show how pure your water is.

Aquaguard Magna Review

Aquaguard Magna comes with advanced 6 stage purification process which removes all disease-causing bacteria, virus, and protozoa-cysts making it healthy to drink. The water purifier comes equipped with intuitive LED display that is specially designed to inform you about the purification process, water level, and service alert.

Which One is the best RO:

We hope that the above-mentioned water purifiers comparison will be helpful for you to get the best water purifier for your loved ones. Comparing the three mentioned water purifiers you can find Kent Pearl water purifier to be the best. After studying the features you would find that KENT water purifier is best in terms of purification technology as it has RO+UV/UF with TDS controller that is enough to filter out the impurities from water and make it completely pure. Secondly, if you check the storing capacity you would find all the three models have the same capacity, but when it comes to elegant design you can find Kent Pearl looks elegant due to its transparent body. Now coming to the price, you would find that all the three models are above Rs. 15000, and it is good when you are looking for water purifier under RO category. But, if you look at the price with respect to purification technology, it is again Kent Pearl that wins. So, I would say you can go for Kent or else, it depends on your choice, which model you want to pick.

You can purchase it from online stores as most of the online stores sell the products at discounted price. Check the latest price Amazon and Flipkart and or buy it ay affordable prices.


Since water is the most important drink for us, its purity should not be avoided. Get your water purifier installed in your home and enjoy the benefits of drinking pure and safe water.

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