Water Purifier Comparison - Livpure Smart Touch RO and LG WAW33RW2RP Water Purifier

Comparison between Livpure Smart Touch RO and LG WAW33RW2RP Water Purifier

Water is an amazing universal solvent. Whatever comes in contact with it get mixed up in it. Therefore, many harmful impurities also entered in the drinking water and make it unfit for drinking. To get rid of those unwanted impurities we use a water purifier. So that we can drink water which is free from all the harmful contaminants and protect ourselves from the harmful effects of drinking polluted water. Water purifier has become a necessity now and many water brands have launched their models to meet the growing demand of pure water. Today we will discuss the two new water purifiers and give you a water purifier comparison between Livpure vs LG .


Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier

Livpure Smart Touch plus RO Water Purifier

Livpure water purifier comes with the purification technologies of RO UV UF to deliver pure and tasty water. The overall look of the water purifier is amazing that perfectly suits the modular kitchen. Livpure Smart Touch Plus is decked with all necessary feature to purify drinking water. It comes with storage capacity of 8.5 Litres which ensures a continuous supply of purified drinking water. With the Mineral Cartridge, all the required minerals are added to the water. It is a smart RO which can be controlled through a smart phone.  Livpure Smart Touch Plus also comes with taste enhancer that kills odour-causing chemicals that provide pure water without any foul smell and taste.


Features of Livpure Smart Touch RO Water Purifier

  • 8 stage purification
  • Filter change indication system
  • UV fail alarm
  • Smart water dispensing options
  • Purification capacity up to 15 l/hr

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LG WAW33RW2RP Water Purifier

LG WAW33RW2RP Water Purifier

LG water purifier is one of renowned water purifier brands in India. This water purifier uses 5 stage purification and delivers safe water which is free from all the harmful contaminants. It uses the purification process of RO and UF to remove the contaminants from the drinking water. LG water purifier has inbuilt auto flushing mode that washes the RO membrane surface on regular intervals that enhance the life of the RO membrane. It’s water storage capacity 8 litres which are enough for a small family. For killing the microbes in drinking water it uses patented digital sterilizing care. The design of the water purifier looks good it can be installed on the wall or table top. However, LG WAW33RW2RP water purifier does not use UV lamp which other brands are also providing within the same price.


Features of LG WAW33RW2RP Water Purifier

  • 5 Stage purification
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank
  • Digital sterilization care

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Both the water purifiers are good in purifying the drinking water but the price of LG water purifier is quite high. You can have all these features in below this price range. There is the very slight difference between the storage capacity of the both the water purifier. You must read reviews about both the water purifiers as many people complains about the bad after sales service from the company. As per the water purifier comparison between these two, i.e. LG vs Livepure water purifiers, we recommend Livpure Smart touch plus as it has all the required purification technology. LG water purifier does not have UV lamp which is essential for killing the microorganisms.  You can also go for some other brands such as Kent and Pureit because they also provide same features that too with reasonable price. Get your best water purifier and stay healthy!

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