non electric water purifier comparison between kent Gold and Pureit Classic

Comparison Between Non Electric Water Purifier- Kent Gold Vs Pureit Classic

Water is vital for our survival but it has been contaminated so badly that it is impossible to get a pure glass of water without purifying it. The amount of contamination found in water varies from place to place. It completely depends upon the impurities that are found in the areas. People think that the RO water purification is best for their home to get pure drinking water. What if you get treated water from the municipal supply and its low in TDS? In such cases where the water is already treated it is not necessary to install RO water purifier in your home.

When you can have pure drinking water by just installing a non-electric water purifier then there is no need to have an RO water purifier. Non-electric water purifier also known as gravity-based water purifier is best for those home where the supply of water has low TDS level of water. Keeping in mind about the purification of water, most of the people asked which nonelectric water purifier is best for their home.

To make it easy for you to choose the best non-electric water purifier for your home, here we will give you a non-electric water purifier comparison between Kent and Pureit. Before jumping to the comparison list we must know certain things about nonelectric water purifier.

Why Use Non-Electric Water Purifier

The gravity-based water purifier is very easy to use and the best part is, it does not require any electricity for its operation. So, if you are living in such areas with regular power cut issues then non-electric water purifier are the best option to go for. Mostly non-electric water purifier uses activated carbon filters in its filtration process. When the water is passed through the carbon filters all the impurities get to stick to the activated carbon and gives pure water in return. Ultrafiltration is the most innovative water purification process used in a gravity-based water purifier. In this process, a hollow fiber hydrophilic UF membrane is used in which all the harmful impurities such as dust particles, bacteria, germs and other micro-organism gets stuck and finally delivers pure water for consumption.

When it comes to installation, nonelectric water purifiers are very easy to use and they require very low maintenance cost. Due to light-weight, these can be placed anywhere in the kitchen and can be shifted easily.

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Comparison between Kent Gold and Pureit Classic Water Purifier

Kent Gold and Pureit Classic are two well-known gravity-based water purifier in India. Here, we give you nonelectric water purifier comparison between Kent Gold and Pureit Classic in terms of their purification process, storage capacity, cost etc. Just go through the comparison to know which one is best so that you can pick the same for your home.



Kent GoldKent Gold gravity based water purifier

Pureit ClassicPureit Classic non electric water purifer

Rating  4.7 star rating for kent gold  
MRP  ₹ 2,900/-  ₹ 2,999/-
Purification Carbon filter and UF Filter Activated Carbon & Germ Kill Kit


Storage Capacity 20 Litre 23 Litre
 Purification Capacity 20 litres/hour

Filter Cartridges 0.1 Microns Hollow Fibre Hydrophilic UF Membrane Imported Micro-charged Membrane
Filter type Activated Carbon filter, Sediment Filter, SS Mesh Activated Carbon Germkill Processor
Filter life 4000 Litres  3000 Litres
Body Material Non-breakable food safe plastic construction Non-breakable food safe engineering plastic construction
Weight 3.56 Kg 4.1 Kg
Dimension (L*B*H) 326*355*600 (mm) 260*290*610 (mm)
Warranty 12 months 6 months
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Kent Gold Vs Pureit Classic

Though both the water purifiers are the leading water purifiers in India. When it comes to the purification process Kent Gold uses the most advanced ultrafiltration purification process to remove all the germs, bacteria and other organisms. Kent gold is capable of removing cysts on the other side Pureit uses activated carbon filters and germ kill processor to removes all the germs and bacteria’s. Also Kent Gold does not use any kind of chemical in the purification of water whereas Pureit Uses a germ kill kit to remove the harmful germs. The storage capacity of Pureit is 23 liter which is slightly higher than Kent Gold.  Both the water purifier has a decent design.

Difference between Filters Used in KENT Gold and Pureit Classic

Kent Gold has different filter types that include SS Mesh, Sediment, Activated Carbon and UF membrane as well that can easily clean all the impurities from the supplied water. Sediment filter can remove the physical impurities, activated carbon cleans bad odor and VOC if present in the water. On the other hand, HUL Pureit Classic has Microfibre Mesh, Activated Carbon Trap, and Germkill Processor, which can remove impurities from water and make it safe for consumption.

Which One is Better Gravity Water Purifier : KENT Gold Or Pureit Classic

The next thing is the filter life which is larger in Kent Gold i.e. 4000 liters compared to Pureit Classic that is 3000 liters. The warranty period also matters and that is again higher in Kent Gold (12 months), whereas the other gravity water purifiers has only 6 months of the warranty period. The maintenance cost of Pureit Classic is higher than Kent Gold. In Pureit Classic the filter cartridge can last up to 2-3 month after that you need to replace those filters.  Whereas in Kent Gold with proper cleaning and maintenance it needs to be replaced once in a year.

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Kent Gold and Pureit Classic both are good for your home, but if you are looking for a long-term period that too with advanced purification then you must go for Kent Gold. As it has Ultrafiltration membrane that can remove all the harmful impurities from water and makes it safe for drinking. We have also studied the customer review of Kent Gold and Pureit Classic, where almost 85% of customers shared positive feedback about the Kent water purifier compared to the other water purifier.

We recommend non-electric water purifier only if the TDS level of your water is low so before buying water purifier get your drinking water tested. So, without much ado purchase your gravity based water purifier today and drink healthy water and stay protected from waterborne diseases.




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