Hindware Moonbow Achelous RO Water Purifier Review

Hindware Moonbow Achelous RO Water Purifier Review

Accessing safe drinking water is a major issue affecting individuals of any age around the world. Because the water pollution in increasing at a very higher rate that cannot be consumed without introducing any water purification system. To ensure that you always drink water that is safe and pure, water purifier has become the most important appliance in every home.

By understanding the need of pure drinking water many leading manufactures in India have launched their water purifier. Hindware also launched their water purifiers Brand named Moonbow. Today we will review Hindware Moonbow Achelous RO water purifier specification, features and price in India.

Hindware Moonbow Achelous RO water Purifier

Moonbow Achelous RO water purifier is a 6 stage water purifier that comes with Hexa Pure technology to give pure drinking water. It uses the RO-UV water purification with TDS balancer. This water purifier looks simple can be mounted on the wall and table top. Its purification process can easily remove hardness of the water and makes it fit for human consumption. This water purifier is suitable for purifying water with TDS up to 2000ppm.

Hindware Moonbow Achelous RO water purifier

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Features of Moonbow Achelous water purifier

Body and Design

The overall look of this water purifier is very simple and comes with wall mountable and table top installation. This water purifier is available in two different colors: black and blue.

Storage Capacity

Hindware Moonbow Achelous RO can store up to 9 litres of purified water. There are also many good brands that come with the same storage capacity that too with a lower price.

LED Display

It has Attractive fascia with brushed steel finish and LED display on the front of the water purifier. The LED panel on the water purifier shows the filter life, process, and full tank indication.

Filter Replacement Alarm

Moonbow Achelous water purifier has also replacement alarm which notifies when the life of the filter is expired and there is a need for the replacement of the filter cartridge.

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Other specification

  • Auto flush system to enhance the filter life
  • 50W power consumption
  • 80GPD RO membrane
  • 15 litre/hour purification production rate
  • Non-toxic ABS plastic body material

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Moonbow Achelous RO water purifier is a nice water purifier from Hindware. However, it does not comes with any special features, there are similar water purifiers available in the market with lower price. You can buy Moonbow Achelous water purifier from online stores and don’t forget to read the reviews of the customers who are using it. Water is essential and its purity should not be neglected, so bring best water purifier to make your water pure and safe.

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