How Water Can Impact your Health?

Do you know that your body consists of 60% of water? Yes, it is true and everyone knows the importance of water. It is essential for a good health. It keeps you hydrated and helps you maintain a fit life. Being crucial for every cell, it helps to cool your body, fuel your organ, circulate oxygen and even flush out waste products. No doubt the body has 60% of water, but when you breathe, sweat, and even during the process of digestion, your body loses water. So, it is very important that you drink water and keep your body hydrated. Water not only protects your tissues, spinal cord or joints, but it can overall impact your health as well.

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Why is Water Important for Health

When you talk about water for health, you think about drinking water and staying hydrated. Lack of water in your body can cause different problems like headaches, constipation, dry skin, tiredness, dry skin and many others. Dehydration can also affect your blood pressure, digestion of food, kidney function and etc. In one sentence, you can say water is essential for the body and it can also count numerous health benefits.

What does water do for the body

Let us know what does water do for your body?

Impact of water in your Health



Staying hydrated/drinking water can keep your mood stable and can even you’re your memory sharp. It can keep your motivation intact and this can help you think through problems very easily. If you don’t drink water properly, it can reduce the flow of oxygen to the brain and this can temporarily shrink the neurons.


Water is a vital component of saliva and drinking water can help in creating saliva. The saliva that is created has electrolytes, mucus, and enzymes in it. This helps in breaking down the food that you eat.


Dry mouth can cause bad breath and it can promote cavity. Drinking water can keep your throat moist and this will prevent your mouth from feeling dry.


Staying hydrated means the water helps in lubricating the joints, spinal cords, and even tissues. Drinking water will help in enjoying the physical activities and improving it to a great extent.


Drinking adequate amount of water can keep your skin hydrated. It can also make your skin glow and even reduce the effect of aging.


Kidneys help in flashing out the waste through urination and defecation and in order to process this, you need to drink water and keep yourself hydrated.

The Bottom Line

Water is important for every part of the body and drinking an adequate amount of water would help you stay hydrated. Staying hydrated would keep you healthy and even help your body function properly. The amount of water that you need to drink depends on different aspects but it is always asked that one should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day. So, always remember to stay hydrated so that you can stay healthy.

 Well, I drink 9-10 glasses of water per day. How many glasses of water do you drink? Share your answer in the comment section below

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