KENT Excell Plus Under the Counter Water Purifier Review

KENT Excell+ RO+UV/UF Under The Counter Water Purifier Review

Due to the growing population and the environmental degradation, it has become very hard to get pure, clean and safe water for drinking. The water that is supplied to your home though seems to be clean but might contain harmful microorganisms and other pathogens. Drinking such contaminated water can make you unhealthy and you can become a prey of waterborne diseases. To overcome this situation, installing an RO water purifier has become a must. The water purifier that is available in the market uses different purification techniques that ensure that our drinking water is safe for consumption.

A good water purifier perfectly removes all the excess salts, suspended particles, and even the microbes thereby making the water safe for consumption. Some models are also added with TDS controller that helps in retaining all the essential minerals in water and make it potable. With so many manufacturers and models in the water purification industry, one can select RO water purifier because it holds the power to remove all the impurities from raw water and make it safe for consumption. Besides, there is wall mounted, table top and under the counter also known as Under Sink water purifiers.

Benefits of Using Under Sink Water Purifier?

Compared to the wall mounted and table-top water purifiers, under counter water purifier is widely preferred because of several advantages. It can remain hidden in the kitchen cabinet under the sink. A faucet is added in the sink that would allow you to conveniently fill a bottle. Moreover, it does not use the upper space of the table and this means that it remains inside the cabinet. Talking about the under the counter water purifier, KENT Excell+ is a prominent name in the market and is widely preferred. Let us talk about the KENT Excell Plus under sink water purifier reviews and its technical specifications.

KENT Excell Plus Features
KENT Excell Plus – Under Sink RO Features

KENT Excell+ Under Sink Water Purifier Reviews, Features

  • Double Purification Technology: KENT Excell+ water purifier has double purification technology that includes RO+UV/UF with TDS controller. This technology helps in removing all the dissolved impurities from the water that include chemicals, bacteria, viruses and salts thereby making the water 100% pure for drinking.
  • Retain Essential Minerals: The under sink RO water purifier has TDS controlled added in it and this can easily retain all the essential minerals from water and make it potable.
  • High Storage Purification Capacity: KENT Excell+ has a hydrostatic tank with 7 liters of water storing capacity. The tank facilitates the supply of purified water that you can drink even in the absence of running water or.
  • Space Saving Solution: The Under counter RO water purifier is the best option to be installed in those homes that do not have enough space to accommodate large water filter system.

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If you have less space in the kitchen and you want to install an RO water purifier, then the best option would be to pick under the counter water purifier. It takes less space compared to other types of water purifier and is easy to install. You can find the water purifier in the market and in different online stores, which you can purchase it as per your taste and preferences. Click to check the latest price of KENT Excell+ here.

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