Kent maxx water purifier Review

KENT Maxx: Best UltraViolet Water Purifier For Your Home

Nowadays, pure and safe drinking water is not available easily and that is due to the environmental degradation and industrial development. In such situation, it becomes important that you think about how to drink pure water and stay away from waterborne diseases. The easiest solution is to install a water purifier to ensure that you drink pure and clean water and stay safe from waterborne diseases. A good water purifier would remove not only the suspended particles but microbes also and let you drink filtered water.

With so many brands and models of water purifier these days, it would confuse you to know which one is good and which would meet the necessary standards. To break up this confusion, the first thing you need to know when to use RO water and when to use UV water purifier. Well, if the TDS level of water is high, you should use RO water purifier and for low TDS level, you can use UV water purifier. In this article, we would share review about KENT Maxx UV water purifier.

KENT Maxx UV Water Purifier Review

KENT Maxx is one of the best UV water purifiers that has UV light, through which water is passed to kill bacteria and other microbes. The UV light attacks the DNA of the pathogens and makes them inactive to multiply. This filter is very effective in removing all kinds of pathogens present in the water and make it safe for consumption. Study some of the smart features of KENT Maxx UV water purifier.

Kent maxx features
Kent Maxx UV Water Purifier Features
  • 11 watt UV Lamp: The purifier has 11 watts of UV lamp that can easily remove all the micro-organisms and deactivate them ensuring that you drink 100% safe and clean water
  • Detachable Tank: KENT Maxx Comes with a detachable tank that allows you to clean it easily and keep it hygienic.
  • Double Purification: The water purifier has double purification technology that purifies the water in the first stage with UV filter and then followed by hollow fiber UF membrane. This helps in completely filter out all the dead bacteria, viruses and cysts from the raw water and make it 100% pure and safe drinking water
  • 7 Litres of Storage Tank: KENT Maxx water purifier is designed with excellence and has 7 liters of purified water storing capacity, which is sufficient enough to deliver 100% safe water that can meet the requirement of a family with at least 5 to 6 people.
  • Activated Pre-Carbon Filter: KENT Maxx is added with an activated carbon filter that can easily remove the bad odor and taste of the water and make it safe for consumption.

The model is also suitable for low TDS water and can be easily installed. It can be kept as wall mounted or table top according to your preferences. It can purify 120 liters of water per day. Read the Buying Guide for UV water purifier.

The Bottom Line

The model also has an alluring design and excellent purification technology. Install UV water purifier in order to make sure that you are drinking 100% safe and pure water. It holds the capacity to remove all the micro-organisms from the water and make it ideal for consumption. Available in different online stores, the purifier can be purchased at affordable rates. Check the latest price of KENT Maxx UV water purifier here.

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