Kent Superb Smart RO Water Purifier Review, Specification, Features and Price

Kent Superb Smart RO Water Purifier Review, Specification, Features and Price

Nowadays the level of impurity is rising at such an alarming rate that we cannot drink the water without getting filtered. Therefore, water purifier has become the most important appliances in every kitchen. Now with the advent of technology, the need for manual operation has become minimal. You can also experience this in water purification system where no manual intervention is needed to drink purified water. All the functions of the water purifiers have now become fully automatic and computer controlled that does not require any human efforts to operate. Kent Superb Smart RO water purifier is one of the best smart RO purifiers that delivers safe drinking water.

Kent Superb Smart RO water purifier Review

kent Superb Smart RO water purifier

Kent superb smart RO water purifier is the perfect example of smart technology and best purification as this water purifier not only gives you the 100% safe drinking water but also it is decked with many advanced smart features. Let us know more about Kent Superb review, specification, features, and price

To start with, KENT Superb is by far the best-designed RO water purifier from the house of KENT. It has a very interactive smart touch screen and a large 9 litre illuminated storage tank a unique water level indicator. KENT provides mineral RO technology that offers double purification of water with RO+UV +UF that makes no scope for impurities to enter the drinking water. This water purifier is equally suitable for purifying every source of water. So you don’t need to worry about the water supply because the water coming out from the water purifier will be pure and safe.

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Advanced Alert Alarm

Kent superb has filter change and UV fail alarm that notifies when you need to replace them. To make sure you never drink impure water, the machine stops working until the filters are not replaced so that impure water never enter the storage tank.

Hi-Tech features

Its inbuilt digital touch screen shows, device performance, service, and the filter life of the water purifier. The touch screen dashboard is very easy to use it has 4 tabs: Status, Service, Help, and settings

Digital screen of Kent superb

The status tab shows the device performance, Filter life, and RO flow rate. Service tab is for the technician who updates any work done of the water purifier. Help tab is for any troubleshooting guide and features of the water purifier. The setting tab is used to set time, date, and brightness.

For hassle free operation all the function of the water purifier are designed to be fully automatic and computer controlled that starts and stop the purification.


Kent Superb Price and Service

Kent has a huge network of over 600 service center in all over India to make sure you experience trouble free after sales support. All the filter used in this water purifier are of high quality to deliver pure water. The price of KENT Superb Smart RO water purifier is Rs. 25,000. However, the price is slightly high but its price is justified by its superb water purification technology and smart features. You can avail the discounted price by buying it from many online stores like Flipkart and amazon.

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Inbuilt TDS Controller

Since in the RO process all the minerals are also washed away however these minerals are essential for our body in that needs to retained in the drinking water. To maintain the required mineral content in the drinking water Kent Superb has inbuilt TDS controller that retain the minerals. It also allows you to adjust the amount of mineral in drinking water as per your preferences.


Non-toxic food safe material body

Kent Superb is made of ABS plastic which is non-toxic and food safe that makes the water bacteria-free even if it is stored for a long duration. Push-fit fittings are very well constructed to avoid water spillage and they are very sturdy as well. ABS plastic water purifier is known to have high durability and longer life of the RO water purifier.


Other features

  • Elegant Wall Mounted Design
  • High powered 11 Watts UV lamp
  • Inbuilt SMPS to prevent water purifier from voltage fluctuation
  • Auto start and auto off features
  • Spin-welded RO membrane to prevent breakage
  • High purification production 15 litre/hour
  • 9 litre large storage capacity

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Well, Kent Superb is by far the best RO water purifier as it comes with best purification process and advanced technology. This water purifier has all the important features required to make the drinking water pure and healthy. Its advanced smart technology also ensures hassle free operations. Hence you don’t need to get worried about the quality of the water and also about its servicing and maintenance as Kent provides best after sales service. Therefore undoubtedly  Kent is the leading water purifier brand in India and gains the trust of many customers.



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