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KENT Supreme RO+UV/UF Review- World’s First No Water Wastage RO Purifier

Everyone should drink pure and clean water to ensure that they remain free from waterborne diseases and stay healthy. Now, the question is how to make the water pure and clean? The easiest and the most trusted way is to install an RO water purifier. The RO purification can help in removing all the dissolved impurities from the water as these are very harmful to health. The reverse osmosis purification technology can also remove the microorganisms as well and make the water 100% pure for consumption. There are many conventional RO Purification that no doubt purifies the feed water, but while purifying, it almost rejects 80% of water and only 20% purified water remains as recovered water. This rejected water is thrown down to drain that increasing the rate of waste water.

Looking at it and to ensure that more water is saved during the purification process, KENT has developed an innovative save water technology that ensures that more than 50% of water intake is recovered as purified water and the percentage of the rejected water has also come down. Besides, the rejected water gets stored in a separate ‘Rejected Water Tank’. In addition to this, KENT Supreme water purifier has double purification process of RO that is followed by UV/UF filtration. It also has TDS controller added in it that helps in retaining all the essential natural minerals in the potable water.

Let us discuss some features about KENT Supreme

Build: KENT Supreme mineral RO water purifier is designed using ABS Food Grade plastic that makes it durable and long lasting in nature. The purifier is designed in the dimensions of L 430 x W 270 x H 630 mm and its weight 10.9 kgs only.

Dual Storage Tank: The water purifier is designed with a dual storage tank of (9 + 9 litres), where 9 litres of water is stored as purified water and 9 litres as rejected water separately. The rejected water that gets stored in the separate tank can be used for different household purposes.

Technical Feature of Kent Supreme

Double Purification: KENT Supreme RO water purifier has double purification technology that is RO+UV/UF with TDS controller. Owing to this purification process, it can easily eradicate all kinds of impurities from the water. Moreover, with 11 watt UV lamp, the purifier can deactivate all the microorganisms from water and ultrafiltration can remove all the dead microbes. This will ensure that you would drink 100% safe and pure water. The purifier is suitable for the purification of Brackish and Tap Water as well.

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Save Water Technology: KENT Supreme water purifier has another feature of “save water technology” that ensures about the purification of more than 50% of water and lessening the percentage of waste water. It is due to the mentioned technology that you would be able to receive more amount purified water and drink 100% safe water every time you want to.

Purification Capacity: KENT Supreme can purify 15 litres of water per hour and a maximum of 75 litres per day, which is sufficient for any family holding a member of at least 6 to 7 people.


KENT Supreme water purifier is packed with different features that make it widely preferred. It is designed with industry standard water purification technology that makes it easier to remove all the impurities from water and make it 100% safe for consumption.


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