KENT Ultra Storage Review

KENT Ultra Storage Ultraviolet Water Purifier Review

Today, drinking water without getting it filtered can be a serious concern because this can make you sick and you can be encountered with different waterborne diseases. So, it is always asked to drink purified water and stay safe from various diseases. When you talk about drinking filtered water, you would definitely need a water purifier. As the market is flooded with different brands of water purifiers, you might get confused which one to purchase. Depending upon the water quality, you can purchase the water purifier accordingly. If the TDS level of water is high you should opt for RO water purifier and if it is low you may go for UV water purifiers. Today, we will discuss reviews, specifications, features of KENT Ultra Storage, one of the best UV water purifiers of the time that you can install in your home.

KENT Ultra Storage Reviews

Kent Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier is one of the best budget models that is available with ultraviolet purification technology. It has world-class design with double purification technology of UV+UF that provide 100% pure and safe drinkng water. Let us discuss few significant features of KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier.

Features of KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier
Features of KENT Ultra Storage UV Water Purifier
  • Design: If you are looking for a sleek water purifier that can fit your kitchens or homes then Kent Ultra Storage UV water purifier is the best option. It is a wall-mounted model that is designed with perfection and it can be installed without using much counter space. Talking about its design, the model has transparent body that perfectly displays the purification components used in it. The body of the water purifier is sturdy because it is made up of durable ABS plastic.
  • Double Purification Process: The water purifier works on efficient double purification process that helps in removing all the visible particles as well as suspended sediments particles from the water. It has activated carbon filter added in it that can change the color and taste of water and make it tasty for consumption. KENT Ultra Storage water purifier is also added with  11 watts UV lamp that can efficiently kill all the invisible cysts as well as other viruses in the water. It also has UF purification technology that removes all the dead micro-organisms and make the water pure for consumption.
  • High Storage Capacity: The water purifier has high storage capacity that is of 7 liters, which is sufficient to provide you continuous supply of water. It also works on 60L/hr purification capacity.
  • Computer Controlled Operation: The water purifier comes with computer controlled operation like UV fail alarm. The purifier would automatically alert you when the UV lamp becomes inefficient or would alert you when you need to change it.

Some other features of Kent Ultra Storage are mentioned below:

  • It is a wall mounted water purifier
  • UV and UF purification technology used for filtration
  • It has sediment, activated carbon and UF membrane filter cartridges
  • The operational voltage of the water purifier is 24 Volt DC


Kent water purifiers go through stringent quality tests and thus have won accolades from both domestic and international agencies. Kent Ultra Storage UV water purifier is the best water purifier that can disinfect all the impurities and the micro-organisms to provide 100% pure and safe drinking water. It is available at very competitive price of Rs 9000/- at KENT online store. If you are looking for water purifier that best suits tap/municipal water supply you can opt for Kent Ultra Storage. Using this water purifier would surely save you from getting encountered from different common infections and waterborne diseases.


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