LG PuriCare WW160EP 8-Litres Water Purifier Review

Do you know that most of the people fall sick either by consuming contaminated food or by drinking impure water? Though we can make sure to consume safe and hygienic food by cooking at home and by stopping street food, but to drink safe and pure water, we would need a water purifier. Today, water purifier has become a must to ensure that you can drink 100% safe and fresh water. There are many brands available in the market that you can choose.  Today I am going to share reviews on LG WW160EP 8-Litres RO+UV Water Purifier which uses true RO filtration process to eliminate the impurities from the feed water and deliver safe and pure water for consumption.

Some of the Features of LG PuriCare WW160EP Water Purifier

LG PuriCare WW160EP water purifier comes with true RO filtration technology. In this purification process, all the water passes through the RO filter and gets cleared for drinking. It has a mineral cartridge for adding minerals that would make the water tasty.

LG-PuriCare WW160EP Features
LG-PuriCare WW160EP Features
  • Dual Protection Stainless Steel Tank: LG water purifier has dual protection stainless steel water tank that reduces the growth of bacteria and algae. The purifier is designed in such a manner that it counts more hygienic than any other conventional water purifier. It is the durable tank that effectively minimizes the of bacteria growth by 71 percent and biofilm by 94 percent.
  • Mineral Booster: The water purifier is well equipped with a mineral booster that helps in adding minerals like calcium & magnesium in the RO purifier water and thereby making the water healthier & tastier.
  • Smart Display & Indicator: The purifier has smart display and indicator that provides a visual alert when the filter needs to be changed. There is an icon who color would change from blue to orange indicating the filter needs to be changed. Also, there is UV sterilization indicator as well as water level indicator added in it.
  • 5 Stages Purification System: The RO water purifier uses 5 stages of purification system that removes lime, virus, salt, heavy metal easily from the feed water. The raw water passes from pre-filter to sediment filter to pre-carbo filter to RO filter and then passing through the final stage that is a mineral booster and post-carbon filter. Passing through these processes would make the water completely safe for consumption.

In addition to these, the purifier also has features and these are like

  • 8 liters of water storage tank to provide drinking water even when there is no electricity
  • 2-in-1 water solution including UF filter
  • It has digital sterilizing care
  • The purifier purifies 1.6 liters water per minute
  • Wall mounted/desk top flexible installation

The Bottom Line:

You can say that the purifier is good to remove all kind of impurities from water and deliver pure and potable water for consumption. It has a smart display that exhibits filter change indicator, UV sterilizer indicator and even water level indicator. The model looks excellent in terms of design and specifications, but the price is too high that is Rs. 26990/-. Besides, it has stainless steel body that might make the purifier heavier to hold if installed as wall mounted. With all these exceptional features and added with digital display, there is another model named KENT Superb mineral RO water purifier. It has double purification technology of RO+UV/UF with TDS controller that is suitable to purify brackish, tap water/municipal corporation water supply. It has a digital display where you can access real-time monitoring of purity, performance and service history, which you can purchase it at cost effective prices.

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Smart Operation is another forte of Kent Superb. Besides, it has the highest water storing capacity that is 9 liters and even purification capacity that is 15 liters/hour. Compared to the price of LG WW160EP, you would find that Kent Superb RO is best in several aspect and you can purchase it at cost effective prices.

So, if you want to stay safe from deadly waterborne diseases, then make sure to install an RO water purifier today.

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