Why is RO Water Purifier best for home

Is Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier Best For your Home?

Due to the environmental degradation and the industrial development, it has become very hard to find pure clean and safe drinking water. A lot of impurities are found present in the supplied water and consuming the same water would let you fall prey to many diseases. As your health is your primary concern, it has become very important that you take necessary steps to stay healthy and that starts with drinking filtered water. You might be aware of different purification techniques, which you can use to filter the supplied water before consuming. Water purifiers come added with different filtration techniques and this would ensure that you drink the water that is of good quality.

What are the Different Types of Water Purifier?

Keeping in mind to eradicate the pathogens from the supplied water and deliver clean drinking water, water purifier manufacturers like Kent, HUL and etc. have brought up numerous model of purifiers. Starting from RO, UV to Gravity, there is a wide range of water purifiers that you can select depending on the quality of water and the TDS level of it. Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has set a standard TDS level that should be in the drinking water and these are mentioned below

  • Drinking water with TDS Level less than 300 (Milligram/Liter) is excellent
  • Between 300 – 500 (Milligram/Liter) is Good
  • Within 600 – 900 (Milligram/Liter) is Fair
  • Between 900 – 1200 (Milligram/Liter) is Poor
  • Above 1200 (Milligram/Liter) is Unacceptable

For low TDS count, gravity or UV based water purifier can be installed and if the TDS level of water in high and you need to curtail down it by using RO water purifier.

Why is RO Water Purifier Best For your Home?

RO Water Purification Process
RO Water Purification Process


Now that you have understood the need for RO water purifier, let us study how RO Purification technology is best for home. A reverse osmosis can remove the dissolved impurities, suspended particles, and microbes from the supplied water. During the purification process, RO purifiers remove essential minerals that are found naturally in water, but thanks to Kent RO water purifiers that have TDS controller added to it. The TDS controller helps in retaining all the essential minerals in the water and make it healthy for consumption.

How RO Water Purifiers Works

In the first stage of RO purifier, sediment filter is used to filter the physical impurities from the water and then activated carbon filter is used to remove odor and chemicals from the water. The water then passes through the RO membrane for further purification. Followed by this UV and UF filtration is used, where the former deactivates the micro-organisms and the latter stops the dead micro-organisms flow to the filtered water. Then comes the work of TDS controller that helps in retaining all the essential minerals in the water and make it tasty. Finally, the water is again pass through post carbon filter for final purification so that you can drink 100% pure, clean and healthy water.

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Thus, by using RO purifiers you can easily get all the pathogens out from the supplied water and drink 100% pure and filtered water. Get an RO purifier now and keep your family safe from waterborne diseases.


Worried about the quality of water? Bring home RO water purifier and purify the raw water making it fit for consumption. There are different brands of water purifier, which you can select according to your preferences. Check every feature stringently before purchasing the purifier. Moreover, get a free home demo to know the quality and of water and which purifier would be best for your home.

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  1. Ro water is really not good for drinking. Yes, it removes the impurity of water but also removes the minerals of water as mentioned above. We always aware of it while purchasing any water purifier. That the purifier is not only a Ro purifier but also check that it consists of technology for mineralizing the water.

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