Tata Swach Silver Boost Vs Pureit Advanced - Cheap Water Purifier for Hom

Tata Swach Silver Boost Vs Pureit Advanced – Cheap Water Purifier for Home

If you are looking for cheap water purifier, let me tell you that you should compromise with the price when it comes to providing pure and safe water for your family. But thankfully there are some best water purifiers that offer decent water purification that too with reasonable prices like KENT, Pureit, and Tata Swach.

Impurities in drinking water are now increasing at such an alarming rate that no one can drink water directly coming from the tap without purifying it. However, the level of contaminant varies from place to place. In the areas where the water comes from the municipality treatment plant which is low in TDS, you can simply install a gravity based UF water purifier or a UV water purifier. But before buying any water purifier you must get your water tested to know the TDS level of it.

Let us compare the two cheap water purifiers, namely Tata Swach silver boost Vs Pureit advanced and know about their features, price, and other specifications.

Tata Swach Silver Boost Vs Pureit advanced : Water Purifiers Comparison


Tata Swach Silver Boost Pureit Advanced
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Rating 4.3 Star rating               4.4Star rating
MRP ₹3,300/- ₹2,999/-
Storage Capacity 27 Litres 23 Litres
Installation Type Counter-Top, Wall Mounted Counter Top
Filter Cartridge Advanced Pre-Filter, Advanced Silver Nano technology, MF Membrane Germkill Processor, Advanced Microfiber Mesh, Carbon Polisher, Micro-Charged Membrane
Pre-Filter Purification
Auto Shut Off
Material of Body

Food grade, non-toxic, engineering grade plastic
Colour Blue, Green Blue
Net Weight 3.2 Kg 3.7 Kg
Dimension (L X B X H ) mm 286 X 356 X 601 360 X 230 X 610
Warranty 1 Year

1 Year

tata swach silver boost


Tata Swach Silver Boost, 27 Litre, Gravity based non-electric water purifier

Tata Swach silver boost comes with highest-in-class total storage capacity of 27 litres. It uses the purification process of silver nano technology and MF membrane technology to remove contaminants that can cause water-borne diseases like diarrhoea, typhoid, cholera etc. This water purifier comes in two attractive colours, that are blue and green that looks amazing. The purification process used in this water purifier is totally chemical free as it does not use any chemicals like chlorine or bromine to kill the contaminants in drinking water.

This water purifier is very compact in design and you can install it wherever you want to. It can be installed on table top or wall mountable according to your preferences. Tata Swach Silver Boost gravity based UF water purifier completes the purification through 3 stages ensuring you get pure and safe.

Features of Tata Swach Silver Boost

  • Three-stage purification
  • Large storage capacity of 27 litres
  • 2-way dispenser tap
  • Chemical free purification
  • Direct tap fill option

Pureit Advanced water purifier

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Pureit Advanced 23 Litre water Purifier

Pureit Advanced water purifier does 2 stage purification through germ kill processor and microfiber mesh. It comes with a germ kill kit life indicator that notifies expiry of germ kill kit 15 days before. Pureit advanced also comes with an auto shut-off functionality that prevents the water reaching the germ kill kit as it expires. This water purifier is very simple to use and installation does not require any technical help.

Pureit Advanced water purifier can store up to 23 litre of water, however, its storage capacity is lower than Tata Swach silver boost. High storage capacity allows you to store more water and have a continuous supply of pure drinking water.

Feature of Pureit Advanced

  • 2 Stage purification
  • 23 Litre storage capacity
  • Auto shut off features
  • Germkill life indicator
  • Easy to use and install

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Well, both the water purifier are good to use for low TDS level of water. Tata Swach Silver Boost comes with high storage capacity and positive reviews among different online stores. You can also buy UF water purifier as it is by far the best and most advanced water purification process used for gravity water purifier. Get your Cheap and best gravity based water purifier now and stay away from the water-borne diseases.

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