Which water purifier to buy- Kent Ace Vs Pureit Marvella Ex RO water Purifier

Which water purifier to buy: Kent Ace Vs Pureit Marvella Ex RO water Purifier


Talking about water purifiers, everyone is concerned about purchasing the best water purifier for home. People do a lot of research and comparison before buying a water purifier so that they can drink 100% safe and pure water every time. Drinking pure water would secure the health of your family by protecting them from various harmful water-borne diseases. Having the best water purifier for home is the best and the easiest way to meet the demand of pure water for your family. Kent and Pureit are two names in the water purifier industry, which everyone is familiar with as these are the most popular brands of water purifier in India.

Kent Ace Or Pureit Marvella Ex: Which water Purifier to buy

Today, we will compare between Kent Ace and Pureit Marvella Ex RO water. We will find out which is the best water purifier to buy among these two and will compare them on the basis of their price, features and we will discuss some of the specification as well.

Specification Kent Ace RO+UV/UF Pureit Marvella Ex RO+UV
Buy Online  AmazomFlipkart  Amazom
Rating 4.8Star rating  4.3Star rating
MRP 19,000 18,500
Storage Capacity 7 L 10 L
Installation Type Wall Mounted Wall Mounted
Purification capacity 15 Litre/ Hour 9-12 Litre/Hour
TDS Controller Yes No
Body Material ABS plastic ABS Plastic
UV Lamp 11 Watt
Maximum Duty Cycle 75 Litres/Day
Input Voltage 100 – 300 V~ AC / 50 Hz, 800mA 140 to 240 V ac., 50/60 Hz
Net Weight 8.3 Kg 8.3 Kg
Dimension (L X B X H) mm 380 X 270 X  505 294 X 360 X 488
Warranty 1 Year 1 Year


Kent Ace RO+UV/UF Water Purifier

To give you and your family safe and healthy drinking water which is free from contaminants, Kent has launched this amazing water purifier that makes the drinking water safe to drink. Kent Ace has patented Mineral RO technology of double purification by RO+UV/UF that assures removal of all the harmful impurities from the drinking water. With its inbuilt TDS controller, the natural minerals are retained in water in the required amount and give you 100% pure and healthy drinking water. To make water purification easy and avoid manual intervention, Kent Ace RO water purifier comes with Auto shut off and Auto shut on functions.

To make you alert about the expiration of filters it comes with Filter change and UV fail alarm.  This water makes purification faster as it comes with the purification capacity if 15litre/hour. The design of this water purifier is just amazing that comes with a wall mounted installation. Kent Ace mineral can store up to 7 litre of water that can be seen with an inbuilt unique water level indicator. Kent Ace RO water purifier also ensures leak-proof performance because all of its fittings are push fit with O-rings inside the push fit fittings. The MRP of Kent Ace RO+UV/UF water purifier is Rs. 19,000

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Pureit Marvella EX RO+UV Water Purifier

HUL pureit Marvella Ex

 Pureit Marvella Ex RO water purifier, developed by Hindustan Unilever, is one of the good water purifiers from Pureit. The storage capacity of Pureit Marvella Ex is 10 Litres and it uses the purification technology of RO+UV to remove the impurities of from drinking water. RO helps in removing the hardness of the water by eliminating the heavy metals and chemicals. UV helps in killing the dangerous microorganisms that can cause many harmful water-borne diseases.

The purification capacity of Pureit Ultima Ex has purification capacity of 9-12 litre/hour, however, the purification capacity is low which means it will take more time to purify the drinking water which can be problematic. The cost of maintenance of Pureit Marvella Ex is quite high.


Among these two water purifier, Kent Ace RO water purifier comes out to be the best water purifier to buy as it comes with more specification and advanced technology. Kent is trusted by millions of customer in India for its performance. Water is life and every drop of water we drink must be pure and healthy, therefore it is highly important that we install a water purifier in our home to get pure drinking water.

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