World Health Day 2018

World Health Day 2018: Take A Pledge to Promote A Healthy Way of Life

This year the whole world would celebrate World Health Day 2018 on 7th of April. The day is celebrated in order to draw the attention of the common masses towards the importance of global health so that everyone can promote a healthy way of life. World Health Assembly in the year 1948 decided to celebrate the World Health Day every year on 7th of April. The day was first celebrated in the year 1950 and the sage has continued till date. The theme of World Health Day 2018 is Universal health coverage: everyone, everywhere and the slogan is “Health for All”.

The annual event is celebrated every year in order to raise awareness of the common public towards the health issues and concerns. World Health Day mainly targets the health issues on the global basis. In order to add success to this, several programs are organized every year by the WHO. It is celebrated in order to make people draw the attention towards all the major health issues in the world.

Why Is World Health Day Celebrated?

World Health Day is celebrated with a focus on increasing the life expectancy of the common people by promoting healthier living habits. The day is also focused targeting youths of the new era to make themselves healthy in order to make the world healthy. There are many objectives that are targeted when celebrating World Health Day and some of these are listed below:

World Health Day Universal Health Coverage Everyone, Everywhere

  • Increase public awareness of various diseases causes and prevention from the same
  • Provide detailed knowledge on how you can prevent yourself from various diseases and their complications.
  • Promote self-care among people
  • Motivate worldwide health authorities to create healthy environments in their country.
  • Protect families and make them understand about the disease that can be caused because of the poor sanitation problem
  • Teach travelers about how they can stay protected from the waterborne diseases while traveling.

The aim of World Health Day 2018

This year, the ultimate aim of celebrating World Health Day is to Inspire, Motivate and Guide for Universal Health Coverage. Here inspire means to highlight policy-makers to transform the health of their nation. Motivate the common masses by sharing examples of how they can progress towards UHC and encourage others to walk on their own path. Finally, guide the common mass to lead a healthy life, which is possible only when you eat and drink healthy. Ensure to drink purified water, which will make you stay safe from waterborne diseases.

Come together and join hands this World Health Day to promote a healthy life for all!

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