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Yoga Day 2018: Why Drinking Water During Yoga is Not Recommended?

Yoga is regarded as a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practice that is done in order to keep your body and soul healthy. Practicing yoga can aid in flexibility, strengthen your spinal cord, and provide relief from stress and anxiety and many others. Yoga is practiced by everyone irrespective of age, gender, and religion. If you are also planning to start yoga asanas from this International Yoga Day, then make sure to understand first things first and that is never drinking water during yoga. Now the question that you might be thinking is “Can I drink water after yoga”?

When to drink water if you are practicing Yoga?

International Yoga day and Health Benefits

Generally, it is recommended that when you practice yoga, your stomach should be empty. In short, your stomach should be filled with any kind of food. It is said because any food item that you consume would take at least 3 to 4 hours for digestion. Now the question is can I drink water before practicing yoga?

Drinking water during yoga is not at all recommended, but, you can drink water at room temperature before your session starts. The only reason for not drinking water during yoga is that it can disrupt the flow of poses and break your concentration. Besides, it can act as a hindrance to executing different yoga asanas. So, never drink water before you start practicing yoga. But, if you feel thirsty and you cannot resist it, just take few sips of water.

The next question is when to drink water? Well, as per different experts, it is said that you should not drink water or eat any food within 30 minutes of yoga practice. During the first 30 minutes, it is recommended that you should avoid cold foods and it is recommended to drink herbal tea. After you complete 30 minutes, make sure to eat a healthy diet and avoid eating food that is heavy in carbohydrates and fats. This will keep you fit and the impact of doing yoga would be fulfilled.

The Bottom Line

Yoga is an intricate practice that opens up energy channels of your body and helps in smooth flow of prana (Vital Life Force)/ energy. It has many benefits starting from lowering the blood pressure to strengthening the spinal cord and from improving oxygenation to the body to solidification immune system. But, there is just an important thing that you should understand, “Yoga should be practiced in the empty stomach”. Besides, you should not drink water during yoga, instead, you can drink an hour before you start or after half an hour of completing the asanas.

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